vakava / tosi hyvä / rautainen  

Suomen slangisanakirjaa. 2013.

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  • heavy*/*/*/ — [ˈhevi] adj 1) a heavy object weighs a lot Ant: light She was struggling with a heavy suitcase.[/ex] He was too heavy for the nurses to lift.[/ex] 2) used for saying that there is a lot of something, or that something is done a lot Traffic is… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

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  • heavy half — /ˌhevi hɑ:f/ noun a situation where a small number of customers make up more than half of the total demand for a product …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • heavy industry — /ˌhevi ɪndəstri/ noun an industry which deals in heavy raw materials such as coal or makes large products such as ships or engines …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • heavy user — /ˌhevi ju:zə/ noun a consumer who buys more of a product than average ● Heavy users will be particularly affected by the price rise …   Marketing dictionary in english

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